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Hello everyone, its Couponorcouponz Article is all about the top fashion trends for 2021. And what we’re leaving behind in the last decade think of this Article kind of like a breakfast buffet you can like scope out the whole thing but only take what you like on your plate to eat it we’re keeping with the breakfast buffet theme I guess number one would be like the metaphorical scrambled eggs you’re most likely going to already have these or have this item at like the top of your shopping list. And that is straight leg jeans.

Fashion Trend

I’ve never thought the day would come. But guys I think skinny jeans are on their way out which is crazy because skinny jeans have been here for the past decade. straight leg jeans are super hot right now but basically any silhouette of denim that isn’t skinny jeans it’s going to look very on-trend straight leg is super cute especially when it cuts off, right at the angle flares are becoming more popular wide-leg jeans, and then, of course, the mom style gene which has been on trend for quite a while straight leg and bootcut are really having a moment right now they were all over this spring 2021. runway’s I’m really excited about this trend because I feel like for the past year or two it’s been either skinny jeans or mom jeans and usually, the mom jeans have zero stretches.

Boyfriend Blazer

They’re super stiff and pretty uncomfortable to wear. Whereas a lot of the straight leg jeans and bootcut jeans that we’re seeing now have like 1% elastane or something just that makes them infinitely more comfortable than like a super rigid mom gene. So I absolutely love that you can get that kind of same silhouette the high waist perky but with the comfort of the skinny jeans.

If you’re on the market for a straight leg Jean one watches my mom jeans Article because the winner of that article is Levi’s wedgie straight has since become my all-time favorite silhouette of jeans and you guys also feel the same so Levi’s wide use rate is definitely my top recommendation for good straight leg jeans try number two is the boyfriend blazer. This is another time that really kind of snuck up on us these trend articles are some of my favorite articles to make because, I treat them like a puzzle like I look at the runways and the typical like Vogue trend lists But then I also look at what’s happening with like influencers and what are like the it girls wearing and also like what’s dominating the online shops right now like what can you actually go out and shop for right now and then I kind of like mesh all those pieces together and it gives me this top 10 list so that’s what you’re getting and blazers have been in for quite a while for women but they used to look like this like, Do you guys remember this silhouette a blazer and doesn’t this look so dated when you look at it and I feel like this was a very slow kind of evolution of the blazer, but the fitted blazer with like three buttons that kind of hits right at the upper hip is not on trend for 2021 and it’s a completely different silhouette that’s currently super in so right now it’s all about the boyfriend blazer and the cut of a boyfriend blazer is one a lot more oversize, it’s more straight cut and it hits a lot longer.

So it basically covers your butt it hits below the hips. It looks like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s blazer even like the Bowman blazer that was seen as such a classic is starting to look dated and if you look at the most recent ball on a runway show, none of their blazers have this silhouette they all have the boyfriend cut so boyfriend blazers are definitely here now like it’s actually difficult to find a blazer in any other silhouette. Boyfriend blazers look great with high waisted things underneath because since they hit you below the hips, you want something else that’s going to emphasize your feminine body and your waist.

So having jeans that hit you at the smallest part of a skirt or a dress that’s more fitted underneath is going to look really really great with a boyfriend blazer it’s casual it’s cool but it’s very put together and I think it’s really cool try number three is cardigans is one of those trends that I think is really coming from like it girls and like the top influencers right now I don’t see a ton of cardigans and like high fashion. But I feel like trends and fashion, in general, is becoming more democratized like a lot of the trends are coming from the bottom up. And not just these like Almighty high fashion houses, which is how it used to be. But now if something gains popularity on Instagram like there’s a pretty good chance that it could become a trend. This is totally tangential but it’s just like social media is just disrupting so many industries.

Have you guys noticed that the top songs on the Billboard 100 are coming from Tick Tock viral Articles like Tik Tok is setting the trends for music more than the actual music industry which is nuts? But anyway, there are some trends that I think come from Instagram basically and cardigans is one of them Bella Hadid has styled cardigans in so many adorable ways lately, and also Kaia Gerber I also noticed that cardigans are really popular with like the French influencers I’m wearing a cardigan right now from a French brand rouge I’m in this trend. The cool thing about cardigans is that they can be worn in so many different ways so you can wear them open which is how I used to think was the only way to wear a cardigan. You can also wear them completely closed. You can also wear them with only a few buttons buttoned up either the top or like the bottom of the middle.

2021 Trends

There’s just a lot of versatility and I think they just look really really cute especially when they hit like the perfect spot with high-waisted jeans. Within the cardigan, the trend is also this smaller trend I guess of like cardigans with pearl buttons. I’ve seen this style of cardigan everywhere at all different price points. And I think it’s a really cute book. Yeah, basically after realizing that a lot of pictures on my Instagram save feed were including outfits with cardigans, the wheels started spinning in my head and I realized out the formula that I was looking at, and then I was like, I’m aware of this, And I have one part again in my closet that I had never ever thought to wear buttoned up completely, like wear a cardigan as a top and I did it and I felt so cute.

So you guys probably have cardigans in your closet, but maybe you haven’t thought to wear them as a top. just completely buttoned up. Try it. It seems obvious, but it’s not. And it’s super stylish and it looks really cute. So yay for cardigans. Number four is trench coats. Do you guys notice how wearable these trends are right now like they’re very wearable kind of classic?

I’m honestly super into the 2021 trends. Yeah, trench coats of all kinds are trending for 2021. From super classic looks to a little bit more interesting and intricate trends. trench coats. If you don’t already own a trench and you’re looking for one, the cut that I would recommend going for is something that when worn open or worn loose, is actually pretty straight cut and a little bit more boxy but comes with like one of those belts that you can tie to cinch in your waist. I think in the past trench coats have had the kind of form fittingness built into the cut. But now you can kind of get your waist back just by belting it or by wearing it open again with like a high waisted gene or bottom underneath to highlight that point of your body.

I can do a whole article on this kind of new silhouette that we’re seeing with the oversized boyfriend box, your outerwear, and then the more feminine styling layered underneath. So let me know if you guys would be interested in that but it’s pretty straightforward like that’s the formula try number five is the new leather jacket. That’s what I’m calling it. There are a lot of similarities in all of these outerwear categories and this one fits nicely into the general movement that we have going into the more straight cut boyfriend cut outerwear, so leather jackets, remember when leather jackets look like this, they were more moto style.

These were so popular. I do feel like they’re starting to look a little bit dated if you want to be super trendy for 2021 the cut of leather jackets that’s in style right now is very different than this. So what’s in style right now when it comes to leather jackets are basically leather boyfriend blazers, it hits below the hips. It has like a lapel or maybe just a collar it has blazer buttons but not like the whole rap style crisscrosses it that the Moto style leather jackets all have it looks like a leather blazer and it’s super chic and it fits perfectly into your little 2021 outfit formula of high waisted jeans tucked in or cropped top that hits where the jeans stop and then some sort of boyfriend cut outerwear, trench coat, blazer leather jacket, this is like your entire 2021 wardrobe guys The cool thing about the leather jackets is that we’re seeing them in a bunch of different colors too like black obviously is the classic option but there are some really cool brown colors and even whites you can totally wear it into the spring as long as it’s not too hot of a day and then of course ball and it can be used as a layering piece during the winter as well. So So I love this and they look equally good with jeans with trousers, skirts, dresses, even it’s again pretty versatile. You can style a ton of different outfits with it. trend number six is cut out tops slash off the shoulder tops.

Best Selling Dresses

There were a ton of one shoulder looks on the runway oftentimes paired with like cutouts, so it was a whole kind of like visual eye candy explosion, like your eyes are just drawn to the cutouts, and then you get the shoulder and the clavicle and the collarbone it’s like a lot for the eyes and it’s kind of like things were sparkly and crazy all over the place on the runway but in real life like what’s actually shoppable and what I’m noticing pop up more right now are these one-shoulder cutout tops most of the time they’re more form-fitting and I’ve mainly seen them in like these bright saturated colors, very saturated almost like jewel-tone colors reformation just came out with like a ton of these tops in a row like five different versions of the cutout off-shoulder asymmetrical top situation and like a bunch of different jewel-tone colors. Honestly, all of them are super cute and I think with a pair of black jeans we make a really cute outfit on a night out that’s reminding me, I actually think black skinny jeans are an exception to try number one like, I think blue skinny jeans are kind of on their way out even though I still wear them black skinny jeans, I think are here still But anyway, they’re definitely a fun topic you can get them in black to the cool new version of sexy because you get the shoulder and the collarbone which I feel like is a different kind of sexy than like super I don’t know then like cleavage or something like a night out the top and it’s like a different kind of sexy. Anyway speaking of a different kind of sexy the seventh trend is slipped dresses. This trend is so feminine. It’s so simple and beautiful on the runway it’s a lot more like nightgown lingerie-inspired still really really beautiful and just like pleasing to look at like it just looks so soft and silky and flowy and feminine and girly and amazing.

But this trend is trickling down in-store like one of the best selling dresses on urban outfitters right now that was featured in my Little Black dresses Article has that kind of slip dress feel to it. It’s usually like a really simple silhouette either with a cowl neck or without and then the signature fabric is going to be like silk or is that neat material another brand that I think is doing this really really well as realization par they have so many different types of slip dresses, a lot of them are like mini length and they’re just so beautiful in different patterns and stuff like that.

Sexy Dresses

I just think again like it’s this kind of different different types of sexy what used to be sexy bandage dresses, super tight body con stuff things that really short and really form-fitting and a lot of boobs and a lot of but maybe that’s still in but this is like different types of sexy that’s also in right now because the slip dress is definitely sexy because it reminds you of nighttime activities and laundry and stuff but it’s usually pretty loose on the body. Like it’s not it doesn’t like super hug your curves. They’re usually longer but they still show your arms and your shoulders the fabric has a sheen to it and they’re just really beautiful and sexy in their own way. So yes, there are lots of different options to choose from if you’re wanting to look sexy in 2021 Okay, trend number eight is one that I’m not sure is that sexy but it is mini denim skirts. This is one but I don’t know how I feel about yet many denim skirts.

It’s exactly what it sounds like and I freaking love denim skirts. Okay like give me a denim miniskirt any day of the week seriously, but miniskirt I don’t know but they’re everywhere. They were all over the runway. They’re all over the stores right now like every brand has come out with a denim miniskirt. To me, it just seems like this trend is really difficult to style because I feel like it’s just not that flattering. Like at least with the slip dress mini skirt, or like those silky maybe skirts that were super trendy last spring and kind of right now too.

New York City Brand

They’re thinner in material and you get a little bit of that kind of flowy shape but with denim is so rigid that a lot of the time unless it’s like a really well proportioned and well designed and cut shape then it looks pretty square and I just don’t think it’s that flattering. I think the best version of this is from the brand wardrobe NYC you guys heard this band. It’s like a really interesting concept.

It’s this New York City brand of basics that come out in capsule collections. And you can like get the entire collection for a certain price but it’s supposed to be like basic wardrobe fundamentals, one of which is a denim mini skirt, which was then styled by Rosie Huntington Whitely really well so this outfit I think is like the best version of how to style the denim miniskirt trend and I think it’s because the miniskirt is like very tapered and kind of pencil style so you do get that kind of shape feminine shape back, I really liked this outfit on her and I liked that it was more of like a light wash denim but there’s something about it that I just am not that confident about I don’t know if I like it, let me know what you guys think to try that number nine is the log soul love souls are the current winter it shoe This is the loving soul that super chunky grippy platform bottom Prada just took that to a whole nother level this fall. And then finally we’ve been seeing it in like Zara and stuff. So it’s trickled down to the masses but the loving soul I think is like the boot version of the dad sneaker makes your feet look super chunky and they’re very comfortable.

I feel like it’s practical if you live in a snowy icy place like lug soles give you a lot of traction it’s like tires on your feet. I’ve also seen them in shorter shoes like this but with the lug sole or even loafers Yeah, I just think it’s kind of interesting because I feel like the dad sneaker had the moment it had its peak and now it’s kind of coming back down. But we aren’t ready to let go of the chunky shoe yet. So now we’re attaching the chunk to boots instead. And it’s giving us that satisfaction so I wonder what will be next because if sandals are next I’m honestly scared right now sandals are still in the super minimal slinky strappy barely their phase and I’m honestly scared of what chunky sandal will look like but at this point, I feel like it’s coming but as of right now yes chunky lug sole boots are super on-trend trend number 10 is the new suit. This one is honestly one of my favorites out of everything because it just feels so modern. It just feels like the modern woman and a trend and I absolutely love it. So basically what I mean by the new suit is a suit that doesn’t have trouser pants like traditional pants, but instead has either Bermuda shorts, shorter shorts than that or like a mini skirt or just some kind of more fresh and modern looking bottom half and then the suit jacket is, of course, the boyfriend cut style.

So like girl suits in the past I feel like we’re either pantsuits that didn’t make you feel super modern and amazing. Or like a super traditional pencil skirt, and then fitted blazer situations but this one is a very different silhouette. So again, it incorporates the boyfriend blazer, the boxy jacket that cuts below the hip, the silhouette of 2021 if you take away one thing from this article is that all your jackets should have this cut and then the bottom half is like a short skirt. Now in the runways, I think they styled these things beautifully. I think it’s so interesting. Now I’m honestly curious to hear from you guys if you think you could get away with wearing these types of new suit silhouettes. To your workplace like those of you in Creative Industries, personally, I’ve only worked in Creative Industries, I worked at an ad agency, I worked in the fashion industry and I worked in the tech industry, all of which I could totally wear this stuff. In fact, it might be too formal. But obviously, in a more conservative environment, this probably wouldn’t apply because it shows so much of her leg. For those of you who still really like this visually, like you’re looking at these pictures and be like, wow, that’s such a fresh take on a suit,


I want to try it. My advice is to get yourself the upper half. So the blazer, or the suit jacket that has that boyfriend cut, as we talked about, and try number one. And then for the bottom half, try to find a matching fabric or color, whatever. But make sure the silhouette is a modern silhouette. So make sure it’s super high waisted, high waisted and that it hits you at the smallest part of your waist, and that you’re pairing up with a top that you can tuck in to show that waistline.

I think it’ll look like a really stylish on-trend modern way to wear suits and let me know what you guys think. But yeah, I absolutely love this time, which is a brand that I really like came up with skirt suits in the silhouette and a bunch of different colors sold out super fast twice. So there’s definitely like demand for this type of silhouette. And it’s different. Right now. It’s different than what we’ve seen before. So yeah, I really like this trend. And then I actually have an 11th trend, which we’re just gonna talk about.

New Trend Or Old Fashion

It’s a trend, I’m most hesitant about it. And it’s best I just have to talk about this because literally the day before I was planning this Article and researching for this article, I had watched Inception on Netflix Inception came out in 2010. So 10 years ago at the start of the last decade, and I was so mesmerized by Ellen page’s outfits, I was like was this what fashion used to be in 2010? And one of the outfits she’s wearing a vest. And I was like what would that is quite the look. And it’s a look that I haven’t seen in a very long time. And the next day, I was doing research for this Article and a vest, just like the one that Ellen Page was wearing and Inception was like all over Vogue. And I was like, Oh my God. I don’t know. So these are some pictures of what the vest looks like. I think it’s kind of redundant. Like it’s not going to keep you warm is just a layer for the style of it, then I don’t think it looks that good. But what do you guys think? Maybe there are some of you that love this style of s Now don’t get me wrong.

I do live in Silicon Valley. So I’m constantly surrounded by Patagonia fleece vests, which I think are super cute. And fleece was a huge trend this past fall that I think is different. That’s like a more traditional finance bro vest. This is more of the like, pinstripe kind of detailed, best. It’s interesting. It’s interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it.

But there were a lot of vests on the runway in terms of what I think defined last decade in terms of fashion. I was just thinking about this as I was scrolling through everything that’s gonna like stand out when we look back at like 2010 I think it’s a couple of things one skinny jeans, skinny jeans lasted an entire decade people two is like athleisure I think athleisure just like exploded in the 2010 Festival fashion like Coachella vibes as a whole 2010s thing. And then sneakers also sneakers went through so many crazy phases like Do you guys remember the wedge sneaker sneakers have gone through a wild ride guys. Yeah, I’m super looking forward to what the 2021s will be like but it’s hard to know until you’re out of it. And we’re just at the beginning but yeah, that was the Article. I hope you guys liked it and I’ll see you at my next one.

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