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Target Makeup

Hey we’re back with another blog I’m gonna be doing a target makeup tutorial if you guys have not seen my last blog it was a target beauty haul so we are doing a full face of tarjei makeup and let’s get to it you guys know how critical I am about brows I knew eyebrows to always be on point like that’s the foundation of good makeup in my opinion.

So if my brows are right I’m just not feeling it I felt like when it comes to drugstore they just had not hit it you know to me I feel like they just have not they haven’t produced a really great product for the bras. I may be wrong if I’m the wrong comment down below your favorite eyebrow product so I’m going to be trying two products the LA Girl baby slim brow pencil and the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil I don’t know about this one this is a little too thick for me you guys know I really love it’s been for our products I might use the LA Chroma and I’ve tried this before it’s just the product is just so hard to me is dry, but I’m going to try to finesse my eyebrows today. Oh I’m in the shade 59 Black is brown which I need a lighter one but I feel like their shades are off too.

Target Store

We need better drugstore brow products. Okay, I could deal with that. That looks kind of good. It’s just not as smooth when you’re trying to drag it and the colors definitely off for me but that’s okay. Draw my hairs that’s why I like my bra product too nice to put them in drama here the most important part that doesn’t look bad at all Okay, okay. So the browser has done there Okay, I think they look good Yeah, no, I’m so critical of my brows though so that’s just me. I feel like my eyes have been so dark lately and I don’t know what’s going on I’m just going to use this L’Oreal concealer first I don’t know if this is actually going to work but I’m just put this L’Oreal concealer in the shade 381 just let it sit for a second and I’m gonna blend it out a bit and then lipstick but not too much.

Just to see if that’s going to help with my discoloration. I’m gonna let that dry for a sec because I don’t want my dark circles peeking through. So today I’m going to be using fees you guys know I love the L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour where I’m fresh wear foundation I feel like this is one of the best drugstore foundations but I’m also going to try it with the next bicycle I’ve tried this foundation on its own and it’s amazing. I do feel like this is I don’t know if I would say it’s fully matte but it’s definitely not dewy so I’m gonna mix it in with the born to glow which is going to give me that radiant feel like the shade for 85 and then the next born to glow in the shade cinnamon enough of these together might be like the perfect dynamic to the wow oh that might be a little dark. Right? I don’t know let’s see. But this is a great shade. I like these two Look at that.

Target Product

This right here is a duo so I feel like the infallible by itself it is not as dewy or rainy or just not as moisturizing I feel and I feel like together. It’s amazing. I am loving this coverage Don’t worry about it. That’s like my favorite blog. That is definitely my favorite blog 2021 we need more of that energy for the Neutrogena healthy skin writing I could feel they’re in shape to like power is just not as full coverage.

Some products I just I don’t need every product to be full coverage you know I mean different strokes for different days different parts so you face and I think that’s where a lot of people I’m not gonna say go wrong because I feel like you do what you do you know what I mean? But I feel like people feel like they need every single product to be full coverage and that’s where you get like the cakey look and you don’t need that you really don’t sweep up and don’t need it. Blending blending blending is the key you just want to make sure that it’s blended seamlessly you don’t let your contour shade I should have used oh why did I do that I wanted to try out this product I wanted to try out the black radius true complexion cream contour and I had a right here to try it the next time and then I’m gonna take the L’Oreal Infallible concealer again the footwear. guys know I am obsessed with super full coverage and when it comes to concealing under my eyes, I need that full coverage in like around my mouth 375 in a latte you really don’t need that much honestly.

I’m big on him but you don’t need that much especially I cannot put that concealer under outside portion with the but just to make sure everything is seamless, Lee blended in my eyes I like to start lower by my nose and input outwards and then I’m going to take that on my eyelids as well just to brighten up all this area your wallet. didn’t even have to try Wow, this face looks great. Like I kind of want my own eyes to feel brighter right.

Just a little brighter, I mean just a little, little little little little little little brighter. So I’m gonna take the next point to glow radiant concealer in the shade medium Olive, I’m gonna take the Maybelline Fit Me outer and I really really enjoy these powders now. I just got the Shea 10 in the shade 20 mix them two together to get the puffy shade Okay, so before I set my face I like to go in and blend it in I’m gonna go in with my pounded tap off the excess go right under the have to want to go in with a light layer that’s how you avoid a Katie and I look how flawless that looks flawless like I know I used it before but dang like, I’m shift gears again. Like I only use the one other time but the thing you guys know serious like I’m being dramatic but no seriously do you see that? I’m thinking I want to switch out my hood for this and it’s lighter the hood on the I don’t know this might be an everyday thing. Okay, I’m going to take the Maybelline Fit Me because they have the foundation This is the pressed foundation the powder and I’m in the shape to return I’m just going to set the rest of my face with that seriously my face hasn’t been this be in a minute I know drugstore products are fired me but I just didn’t think it was this fire was crazy because the last tutorial I did I was pulled drugstore came out great. But it wasn’t this great to have the CoverGirl full spectrum This is normal contour with the covers are met ambition all-day power the foundation but I’m using the contour with shades of tan golden. See, I like my contour to not be as dark you know to me because I feel like a face just comes out more flawless when you have the right shades. I feel like that’s one of the hardest part.

I feel like one of the most important parts of your makeup is the right shades. Something that looks good in real life. I’m gonna take that same pattern and this brush from Sephora, the pro crease brush but I see this on the nose. And like I said that’s like the best part is when you have your right shades, so you can contour your nose and not have that harsh look. If you use the right shade.

Do you know what I mean? Does everybody have these knots right here and it makes my nose look like this is a face or tarjay face? Okay. Oh, these are the nose that I put on from my target haul blog. Okay, I just found this palette. I’m pretty sure you can get it at Target. Oh, also there will be a link to the products below.

Eye Makeup

Look at this palette, look beautiful. We’ll take some brown doing that was easy to blend to just I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just trying to figure out I’m trying to go first off plan that’s what I was trying to go for. But I don’t think this color is working for me. And I thought especially with the drugstore eyeshadows you definitely have to prime and I did not prime. Okay, this might be okay, let me just take it.

I’ll take this shade first. And then I’m taking this shade to see if it looks that I think it does. I’m loving the soft glam. I’m loving it. I like it. So I’m going to take the Arndale foamy lashes and 817 I feel like it’s not as natural as the whispers but it still gives you that little natural glam that I love. Do you know what I mean? I’m gonna put those on off camera because I cannot find my glue. These lashes took me a minute cuz it was in trouble but I’m gonna take the money and I really love this pencil. This is the mulani understatement lip pencil is in the shoe. And it’s so smooth. And that’s what I really really really like. Let’s try this. This is the mix of matte lipstick and spirit.

That’s pretty now I’m going to take the folklore of California and New to town I actually really like that this pickup is so pretty. I love that. So I’m not going to paint my mind and make a dewy setting spray the bottom of the blender, I’m only increasing like, let me not talk too soon but I’m not creating shade, but I’m the crease aroma. My mouth highlights her yo my makeup is this don’t even what jobs target who target and target spot them but Okay, so I’m going to take this CoverGirl full spectrum highlighter palette and rows is how it looks right here. We’re going to take this highlight right okay, now let’s take mascara. Let’s try the white while matte volume No, not a fan of it. This is just saying that honestly, and it’s hard to keep poking me I don’t know if I’ve ever used it before but I have this L’Oreal Infallible know where I put so I don’t know if I’ve ever done nude in my waterline I have I don’t think so. Because I don’t know if I like the way that looks but I’ma try just because we’re doing soft glam. Let’s see. Maybe I’m supposed to do this before mascara.

I’m pretty sure right or no, I don’t know. I see it as a little bit less trauma. I guess because this one isn’t white. It’s not gonna be it’s gonna show as much as I’m white. I wanna know ciao. This is what I got. I don’t want it like how that looks but maybe one day I will when I kind of went with something that’s a normal full-face from Target.

I think it’s so cute it came off some of the first of all drugstore products amulet ship Okay, I was alone. Especially this um, I used a fitness before but I really liked setting my face with it. Um, I don’t know if I’ve ever set my face with it. I don’t know maybe I have I don’t know but between the Maybelline Fit Me powder and the other powder after like Maybelline just has the powder thing like they already died they got a lot.

Yeah, I’m not even creasing as I will usually be creasing. We’re looking good. Okay, and we’re listening. Hi, it looks very classy. So I hope you guys enjoy this target makeup soft glam. Yeah, I will see you at the next one. Don’t forget to check out my last article the How to save with Sephora.

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